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William H. Shannon

William H. Shannon was born on August 30, 1955, to the union of Doris Sutton Shannon and Henry Johnson in Elizabeth City, N.C. He departed this life on June 14, 2022. He was predeceased by his sibling, Daniel M. Sutton.

William Henry received his education in the Pasquotank County School System.

Mr. Shannon moved to New Bern in 2012 to join Mrs. Carolyn Williams Turner's AFL home. The Williams family adopted Mr. Shannon as a family member and as each day went by, family and friends instantly fell in love with him, ad he began to tell everyone he met "I KNOW YOU."

He did not meet any strangers, he told you where he met you, and most of the time it was in Elizabeth City. Mr. Shannon shared with us his sisters and his brother, and we became to know them especially when we took him to his hometown to visit with family.

Mr. Shannon was polite, respectful, and funny at times. He even had his own way of getting what he wanted, and afterward he would smile and giggle softly, knowing that he pulled something over on you.

After Mr. Shannon met you, his next question would be, "Do you have something to drink?" He loved to drink soda and eat out, especially when staff or friends paid for it!

Mr. Shannon loved to ride the city with his DSP worker for hours during the day, making stops at the YMCA, the park, Books-A-Million, and shopping for his favorite snack, (we all know what that was), after he arrived home in the afternoon he would still ask the question, "Staff, can I ride?"

Some of his favorite things to say were:

"Can you take me to the store?"

"I want a soda (Coca-cola or Tea)!"

"Tomorrow is PAYDAY."

"What are you gonna get me for my Birthday? It's almost here."

Mr. Shannon had a special love connection with Annie Taylor, Audrey Williams, Peaches Flood, and Randolph Williams.

William Henry is survived by his three loving sisters; Mary Carroll, Bernice Williams, and Diane Brown all of Elizabeth City, N.C.; one brother, Lee Ernest Johnson of Milwaukee, WI; sister-in-law; Bernetta Moore Sutton of Winterville, N.C; host of nieces and nephews and Carolyn Williams Turner of New Bern, NC who adopted him into her family and many extended family members and friends.

Funeral Service will be held at 10:00 am on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at Kahlert Funeral Chapel. Burial will follow the service at New Bern Memorial Cemetery.

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