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Shane Thomas Overbey

It turns out those raindrops were actually angels’ tears . . .

The afternoon of Monday, April 18th, 2022, Shane Thomas Overbey was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident along Highway 55 between Fort Barnwell and Kinston, North Carolina. Having recently celebrated a birthday on April 12th, he was just 52 years old.

On the other side, he joins his mother, Sue Ann McCallum, grandmother, Isadora C. Humphries, and her husband, Cliff, whom he lovingly referred to as “Granddaddy.” He leaves behind his father, Arthur Overbey, his sister, Donna “Lynn” Armour of Mooresville, his wife, Wendy Overbey of New Bern, daughter, Kristen Morrison of Pittsboro, son, Austin Overbey of Boone, and granddaughter, Meredith Morrison. All survivors are located in North Carolina with the exception of his father in Effort, Pennsylvania.

Born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1970, he spent the majority of his life in Eastern North Carolina. He attended New Bern High School and earned his GED from Craven Community College in May of 2011. In between and thereafter he earned a living mostly by “doing electrical work” with various companies, most memorably Hatteras Yachts and at Cherry Point. Although good at what he did, at one point in time he also entertained the idea of a career in dentistry. He certainly had the brains and passion for it and many will remember that he was almost always flossing his teeth.

He loved being outdoors and, although the crowd changed over the years, he loved hanging out with his buddies. He enjoyed cold beer and get-together’s down at “the Creek”, playing guitar, boating and kayaking. He loved dogs and most animals. In fact, there is a photo of him holding a Boa constrictor back in the day.

He frequented Nascar races and the mountains and concerts. He especially loved Widespread Panic, Ozzy, Metallica, Tool, ACDC, Slayer and Pink Floyd, as well as Chuck Berry, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Jr., Charlie Daniels, and Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” featuring Justin Timberlake. And some might be surprised to know he liked ice hockey, sported leather, chains, and a ‘fro-like mullet as a teen, could do all sorts of impressive tricks on roller skates, and once surfed in a hurricane.

He was a skilled fisherman from youth, his first lesson having been in Narragansett Bay. He was equally skilled at hunting, mainly deer, bear, and turkey with a rifle or bow, whatever the season called for. He was known to engage in trapping and frog gigging (for which he had a special floppy hat). Not merely for sport, these were another means of supporting and feeding his family.

Shane had a big personna. He was taller than average, strong, tattooed, proud, hard-headed, somewhat impulsive, and had a quick temper. Underneath, he struggled with having been adopted, growing up without his dad, and severely mistreated by a step-father or two as a child. He channelled his grief into forging friendships, helping his friends and their families when and where he could, and doing the things he enjoyed. And, fortunately, he was able to reconnect and have a relationship with his father as an adult.

Also known as “Daddy,” “Papi,” “Babe,” “Q-ball,” “Alto,” and “The Bald Man,” he will be sorely missed and the time stolen from those who loved him most will continue to cut deep.

A celebration of his life featuring live music and food plates for purchase will be held at Core Creek Landing off Highway 55 West on Saturday, May 21st starting at 11 a.m. All proceeds will go to his family as they embark on settling his estate. Anyone who wishes to pay their respects or offer support is welcome. Should you be unable to attend and wish to do something positive in his name, please consider donating to Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. For details, visit donate/.

Shane, you are loved. May you rest in peace and may your memory be a blessing.

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